10 Best Blender Under 50 in 2021 | Expert’s Review!

A blender is a must-have appliance in the kitchen, from making smoothies in the morning to blending dips for the party. Even if you are not into cooking, you should get one to make your cooking process faster.

If you are an occasional cook or don’t have the budget to spend on a fancy blender, you can always get the one that checks every box on your list.

But there are so many types and brands of the blender from inexpensive to expensive price range to choose from. And if you are looking for one that will not cost you a fortune, give you an excellent service, and I can assist you.

So here is my list of the best blender under 50 that will help you pick the right one.


Image Name Material Dimensions Price
Hamilton Beach power elite blender, 58148A Glass 8.66 x 6.50 x 14.69 inches Check Price
Oster Core-16 speed blender Stainless-steel 8.55 x 14 x 10.25 inches Check Price
Ninja Blender and food processor set QB900B Plastic 11.00 x 12.25 x 7.00 inches Check Price
Magic Bullet 11 piece blender Plastic 4.01 x 4.48 x 11.61 inches Check Price
Black+Decker Fusion blade Plastic 9 x 11 x 7 inches Check Price
Bella BLA13984 Rocket extract pro power Stainless Steel 12.01 x 8.66 x 8.39 inches Check Price
PopBabies personal blender BPA free food grade ABS, 304 Stainless Steel Blade 3.20 x 3.20 x 10.20 inches Check Price
Oster 6832 10-speed blender Plastic 3.94 x 3.94 x 11.90 inches Check Price
Immersion Hand blender by EVERUS Glass 8.50 x 13.90 x 10.15 inches Check Price
Professional Countertop Blender for Kitchen by Yabano   14.13 x 11.22 x 7.91 inches Check Price

Here is the top 10 Best Blender Under 50:

Best Blender Under 50 | Real Kitchen

Hamilton Beach power elite blender, 58148A

This Hamilton Beach blender is one of the most efficient appliances you can get on its budget. It comes with a 70-Watt powerful motor to pulverize everything except gravels!

This blender comes with an easy using process, and you can operate just with five simple buttons. You can use this for making milkshakes, smoothies, juices, sauces, and icy drinks without any trouble.

Moreover, the jar is designed with a pouring spout and hinged cap for avoiding messy servings.

It comes with twelve different blending functions to chop, grate, and make pulp of any ingredient. And when you place the jar on the base of the blender, it fits like a glove. It stays stable throughout the whole blending process without any complications.

Hamilton Beach is a reputed brand for making excellent blenders, and this one is one of its unique creations. It comes with power cord storage, and the jar can efficiently handle rapid temperature change.

Additionally, the stainless steel Sabre blades allow you to have the smoothest pulp. This blender comes with a unique wave function developed by the Hamilton Beach that pulls everything down. And you don’t have to stir the ingredients while blending.

The 40-ounce jar is a pretty standard size for blenders, and this jar and the other plastic parts can be washed in a dishwasher. Moreover, it is backed with a three-year warranty by the manufacturer so you can get the best value for your money.

  • Stainless steel Sabre blades for better blending
  • The specialized wave function for better efficiency
  • Solid base with a 40-ounce jar that can handle temperature changes
  • Comes with 12 different pulping function
  • Easy to operate and dishwasher-safe
  • Not powerful enough to blend without water

Whenever you are looking for an affordable blender that will give you the best service, Oster blender will always be on the top of the list.

This Oster-core-16 blender is made with durable stainless steel and comes with 700-W power to pulverize everything. It has a four-point design that crushes everything smoothly and evenly. Moreover, you can use it for a wide range of recipes.

The two-ounce filler cup comes with markings on it so you can measure your ingredients. And the five-cup Boroglass jar is dishwasher-safe and makes an adequate amount of portion of your drink or food.

Moreover, it comes with sixteen different speeds so you can crush or liquefy anything according to your choice.

One of the most fantastic things about this cheap blender is that it has ten years of limited warranty to back you up and ensure its extended durability.

  • Robust and durable construction
  • Sixteen different speed
  • Outstanding running power
  • Backed by ten years warranty
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • The base buttons can use some improvements.

If you are looking for a blender to do some heavy-duty tasks, this Ninja Blender with a food processor is the perfect one for you. And the significant part is, you can get this at an extreme price range.

This blender comes with a blender and chopper at the same time. It has a 400-watt power pot that will efficiently chop and blend anything you want. Moreover, the containers you get with this set are microwave and dishwasher-safe.

It has a quad bade technology that does trouble-free pulverizing. This blade will ensure that you will get everything perfectly chopped, mixed, or liquefied.

Additionally, it comes with one-touch pulsing technology to control the texture of your food.

As this blender set comes with a processor, you can make baby food, cookie dough, even homemade peanut butter! It is a very efficient blender that will serve you for a long time. It’s one of the best blenders under 50.

  • 400-watt power pod for efficient blending
  • Quad blade tech for better pulverizing
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe containers
  • Easy to clean
  • Great value for the money
  • The two-cup container is relatively small for group serving.

This Magic Bullet 11 piece blender is one of the best blenders you can find out there. It is a compact blender that is perfect for chopping, grinding, mixing very quickly and efficiently.

It comes with an 18 oz tall cup, 12-ounce small cup, and party serving cups. The materials used for making the containers are BPA free and safe for drinking. Moreover, these cups are dishwasher-friendly. Always put the lids on the top shelves.

This blender has a bullet-shaped design that allows creating a cyclone-like vortex for quick chopping and blending. This magic bullet blender is excellent for small families or avoiding large portions of foods and hectic dishwashing sessions.

It has 250-W torque power to make dips, sauces, salsas, juices, and light-weight food items. But you can’t blend hard with it, and that unfortunate. Moreover, you can’t do dry blending if you want to make it long-lasting.

  • Excellent for quick blending
  • Comes with lots of cups and containers
  • Bullet-shaped design for faster and efficient blending
  • Made with durable materials
  • Dishwasher-safe and Compact design takes small space to store
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty blending tasks
  • Only suitable for small servings

Black + Decker is a reputed brand for making excellent electronics, and this fusion blade is one of its best products. This blender is highly durable and designed ergonomically to assist you in the kitchen.

It comes with the fusion stainless steel blade for fierce chopping and blending any ingredients. This blender has twelve different speed options and pulse, so you get your desired texture. Moreover, the parts of this blender are dishwasher-friendly.

The six-cup glass jar is made of thick glass so you can blend any hot or cold ingredient without any trouble. Moreover, it’s excellent for group serving so you can save your time and energy if you have to cook for a large group of people.

This blender is designed to be highly durable. It comes with a lid insert so you can slowly pour other ingredients while blending one. Additionally, it works as a measuring cup.

It comes with 500-W power so you can quickly chop and blend more challenging ingredients. So if you want to have a blender to make food in large batches, this one is an excellent option for you.

  • Durable and ergonomic construction
  • Sturdy glass jar
  • Lid insert for better efficiency
  • Robust power
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Doesn’t work well if you keep it running for a long blending session

This blender comes with a 700-W motor and one of the strongest ones on our list. You can make hard-ice smoothies, shakes with nuts, or anything you want.

It is a 15-piece blending set with a robust motor that can emulsify and pulverize anything with the highest efficiency. You can drink your smoothies and shakes directly from the cup. So if you don’t like to wash dishes like most of us, you can pick this one.

This blender offers versatility, and that can emulsify, chop, grind and liquefy. If you by this blender, you don’t have to buy other tools for a long time as it is designed to be exceedingly durable. Additionally, it is compact, so it doesn’t take much space to store.

If you live alone or in a small family, this thing will be an excellent addition to your kitchen. This blender is easy to clean and works quickly. From grinding coffee to make salsa, this blender is the key to an excellent kitchen success!

  • Comes with a robust stainless steel assembly
  • Robust 700-Watt power base
  • Designed ergonomically for heavy-duty blending
  • Quick and straightforward using procedure
  • Versatile and compact
  • Might be too prevailing for some consumers

PopBabies personal blender

This blender is different than the other one on this list. It is a portable blender that you can carry with yourself all the time. This portable blender is an excellent companion for those who like traveling.

It is a compact and small-sized blender made for single serving drinks. This blender has a 175-W power base that can make any drink with ease. Moreover, it is very light-weight, so you will not have any problem while carrying it.

Despite being light-weight, this blender has a sturdy construction and is designed to be durable. You can keep it with yourself to have freshly made smoothies or juices in the workplace or even in hotels.

These portable blenders come with built-in batteries, which can be recharged with a USB cable that comes with it. You can crush, blend and pulp frozen fruits, fresh veggies, and nuts to make some excellent drinks.

The jar size of the blender is 14 ounces, and you can drink it directly from the cup. So if you are looking for a fantastic blender that can accompany you anywhere, you will not find a better option than this one.

  • Made with premium-grade materials
  • Sturdy, versatile, and highly durable
  • Efficient for making any drink
  • Light-weight and easy to store
  • Easy to clean
  • Only suitable for single servings

Oster 6832 10-speed blender

When you are looking for a blender with inexpensive price points, you will see Oster blenders on every list. This blender has a 700-W powerful motor that will help you do some heavy-duty tasks in your kitchen.

It comes with an extra durable metal drive for the best metal-to-metal connection. The four-point design of this blender ensures accurate pulverizing while working with it. Moreover, it has crush-pro blades that are made with stainless steel for immense proficiency.

This blender has 450 blending watts and ten different speeds from pulp to puree. It is effortless to use so you can control the consistency of your ingredients while blending it.

It comes with a six-cup jar made with durable Boroglass and can be washed in a dishwasher. The two-ounce filler cup has markings on it so you can measure your ingredients accurately.

Additionally, this blender’s cord length is 16 inches that allow you to move the blender around the kitchen very quickly.

  • Sturdy jar made of Boroglass
  • Stainless steel blades and four-point design for better efficiency
  • Robust power base
  • Suitable for making larger portions of food and drinks
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • The glass jar will break if you drop it.

Immersion Hand blender by EVERUS

This one is a hand blender by EVERUS, and it does come within crazy expensive price points. If you are into home-cooking but not interested in spending a fortune on kitchen gadgets, this one is for you.

It is a four-in-one hand blender that can whisk, chop, blend, puree, emulsify, and whip. This handheld blender ensures a secure grip so you can work with excellent efficiency. You can make puree, juice, smoothies, or baby foods very quickly with this gadget.

This multifunctional blender comes with a stainless steel stick and whisk. It has a 700ml chopper and a 700ml beaker, and all of them are made with food-grade material. Just because it’s surprisingly inexpensive doesn’t mean it has low-quality features.

The chopper and beaker are more massive in size, so you will have no trouble making more significant portions of foods. It has 400-W motor power and eight different speeds, so you can prepare food faster and have the right texture you want.

All the parts of this hand blender are made with durable material and dishwasher safe. You can detach the parts without any trouble, and they are easy to store.

  • Made with durable and food-grade materials
  • Excellent power base and eight different speed
  • Suitable for making larger portions of food
  • Extremely versatile and efficient
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • It isn’t quiet

Professional Countertop Blender for Kitchen by Yabano

On this list, this blender has the fastest speed. It can reach 3500Rpm and able to pulverize within moments. If you are looking for the quickest blender within your tight budget, you can go with it.

It comes with four thick blades made with stainless steel. Every knife has different edges for better chopping and blending. You will always get smoother consistency of your food if you use this one.

This blender has a pulse feature and two different speeds for better control and efficiency. You can make frosty drinks, smoothies, dips, sauces, baby food, or any other thing that can be made by blenders. Moreover, it comes with a 60-ounce large capacity design so you can make food in a big batch at once.

The jar of this blender is made with durable and premium-grade Tritan plastic. It will not chip, break, or crack even after excessive use.

The ergonomic countertop design of the blender comes with a resin-rubber mat. It will prevent the base from slipping. It will allow you to have a safe and secure environment while cooking.

This blender is extremely easy to clean, and as it comes with self-cleaning technology. So if you are looking for a blender with the best features and quality, you can get this one without any hesitation.

  • Highly durable and ergonomic
  • Excellent speed and motor power
  • Premium-grade blade with different edges for better efficiency
  • Comes with self-cleaning technology
  • Jar made of robust Tritan plastic
  • Tends to overheat if you run it for a long time

Here is my list of top ten best blender under 50 options, and now it’s time for you to look at the buying guide.

check this!



A buyer’s guide to the best blender under 50:


When you are looking for a blender under 50 bucks, you can’t expect to have a 1000Watt motor. But you will surely get some efficient blenders that come with around 700W power. With this limited budget, this is the option you have.

If you get a blender under 50, you may have to work with patience in the kitchen and stir your ingredients twice or thrice for better blending.

In this review, I have mentioned some excellent blender under budget that you can get for better efficiency.

Ease of cleaning:

Cleaning blenders can be a hectic thing. All those sharp blender and washing those big jars can cause trouble while cleaning. If you want to avoid washing dishes, you can get the blender which is dishwasher-safe.

If it isn’t, make sure that your blender can be cleaned with regular dishwashing soap and water. Otherwise, you will have to waste extra energy on cleaning your blenders.

Strength to handle ice:

If you are taking your blenders for making drinks regularly, make sure that it has the ability to crush ice efficiently. If your blender can’t turn ice into soft snow, what’s the point of buying that?


While buying any kitchen gadget, you should be careful about the material of that product. There are mainly two types of jar available in blenders.

  • Plastic
  • Glass

Glass jars are safe, and if it’s thick enough, it can handle the temperature really well. Moreover, they don’t react with most of the ingredients if you add anything out of the box in your smoothies or recipes.

Plastic jars are durable and don’t break if you drop them. But while buying blenders with plastic jars, make sure that they are made with food-grade plastic.


If you are getting a blender for yourself or small families, you can get the one that comes with a compact design and smaller cups. For more prominent families, you can get the one that comes with 6-8 cup jars for making foods in more significant portions.

Motor and blades:

The quality of pulverizing depends on the blade of the blender. Make sure that the blades are made with high-quality stainless steel and have sharper edges for better blending.

Get a blender whose motor will not overheat if you blend more challenging things like ice or frozen fruits. Moreover, the engine determines the speed of the blender. Strong motors combined with sharp blades make an excellent blender.

Ease of use:

The blender should come with a user-friendly using procedure so a person of any age can use it without any trouble.

Some frequently asked question about the best blenders under 50:

  1. What can I make with my blender without drinks?

Here is a list of things that you can make with your blenders.

  • Dips
  • Sauces
  • Salsas
  • Mayonnaise
  • Peanut butter
  • Milkshake
  • Grounded coffee
  • Whipped cream
  1. Is it true that blenders destroy nutrients?

There are some blenders that tend to produce heat while blending. Those blenders are responsible for ruining your food, not all of them.

Final verdict:

Getting the best blender under 50 can be a challenging task as it is quite a tight budget. But in this article, you will find some excellent options to choose one.

In this review, I have tried to cover blenders from various brands, and you will see every type of blender here. From hand blenders to portable ones, you will get to about everything in here.

Hopefully, from this article, you will get a clear idea about what type of blender you can get under the budget of fifty bucks. So now you can go out there and buy the most efficient blender for yourself.

Mark is an aspiring chef, and father of two. He is always on the lookout to try new healthy recipes and kitchen gadgets. Now he hung up his chef coat to become a stay at home father and writer.

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