10 Best Blenders Under 100 in 2021 | Expert’s Review!

From morning breakfast smoothie to dinner’s pasta sauce, the blender makes it easier for us. This undoubtedly helpful appliance is not costly to buy. I tried to mention here the ten best blenders under 100. You can use your blender in various ways. A multifunctional blender with strong blades can crush almost all types of food. That’s why it is essential to find a durable blender.

Blenders can come in different types. Some of them are powerful and extremely efficient. Heavy-duty blenders for restaurants might cost you more. But for daily use, you will get affordable blenders with the best services. I have given importance to customer satisfaction and arranged my list for top blenders accordingly. Blenders having positive reviews got priority on my list.

Budget is an important factor along with the blender’s performance. Significantly, an efficient and low-cost blender is a savior for regular people. You can use a blender under 100 to reduce your everyday efforts.

Why do you need a blender?

Best Blenders Under 100

Before finding the best blenders under 100, you should know the necessity of a blender. More or less, every family needs a blender for preparing their everyday meal.

  • I think now blender is an essential appliance. It is not optional anymore. Even if you are not a fan of making different dishes, you will still need it for daily necessities.
  • For example, if you want to make a mixture or paste for food, you can use a blender. Most of the best blenders under 100 are now multifunctional. They can prepare different food with only one machine.
  • Moreover, the best blenders under 100 are available easily. So the price will not be out of your reach. Under 100 $, you can get a multipurpose machine quickly.
  • Again, in a large family, different people want different types of meals at once. You can get your food processor ready to prepare several meals or drinks at a time.
  • Best blenders under 100 save your time and reduce your efforts. With one blender, you can prepare different tasty smoothies and drinks. For family parties and weekends, a blender will be your constant companion.

That’s why I think it is essential for everyone to keep at least one blender in their kitchen. A stylish and space-saving blender will enhance the feature of your cooking activities.

Comparison Table for 10 Best Blenders Under 100



Image Name Material Dimensions Price
Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100 Watt-Base Plastic 8 x 6 x 17 inches Check Price
NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender 1200 Watts Stainless Steel, Plastic 18.5 x 12.6 x 9.7 inches Check Price
Ninja Professional Blender With 700-Watt Base and 16-Ounce Cups with Spout Lids Plastic 9.45 x 5.91 x 13.70 inches Check Price
Homgeek Professional Countertop Blender Smoothie Maker with 68oz BPA Free Tritan Container 2L Tritan Pitcher ( BPA Free) and Hardened Titanium Stainless Steel Blades 7.80 x 7.00 x 19.00 inches Check Price
WantJoin Professional Blender Stainless Steel 12.2 x 8.66 x 11.02 inches Check Price
BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush Multi-Function Blender with 6-Cup Glass Jar Glass 7.52 x 6.2 x 15.67 inches Check Price
Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Professional Tritan Jar and Food Processor attachment Plastic 7.00 x 7.00 x 14.00 inches Check Price
Magic Bullet Blender, 11 piece set Plastic 4.01 x 4.48 x 11.61 inches Check Price
Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender with 40oz Glass Jar Plastic 8.66 x 8.50 x 14.69 inches Check Price
Braun 2-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender Stainless Steel 2.20 x 2.20 x 15.00 inches Check Price

Top 10 best blenders under 100

Finding the best blenders under 100 is not an easy task. We researched the current blenders available at the market and prepared our list.

I tried to focus on the specialty of each blender. There are some standard features in every blender. But the most important factors are the functionality and customer’s review for each blender under 100 $.

Ninja Professional Blender is one of the best blenders under 100 and on top of our list because of its highly efficient performance. The blender can prepare chilled drinks according to your preferences. It can perform continuously using powerful blades. You will get a power pact performance from the blender. It has six blades that bring you the drink in the quickest possible time. The large 72 oz. capacity is beneficial for a large family. It will serve all of your drinks together. The blender features a powerful 110 V motor along with its blade. This high speedy performance crushes all the hard ingredients in a few seconds. You will achieve the perfect nutrient extraction using the blender. It delivers the right amount of potion in all your ingredients. If you want to create your customized drink, you don’t need to use another cup. You can use the two ninja cups of 16 ounces to prepare drinks. The whole set is dishwasher safe and free of BPA parts.

  • A single serving blender
  • It contains 16 oz. of two ninja cups
  • It uses six powerful blades
  • Designed with 110 V powerful motor
  • Strong base
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free
  • Easy to clean
  • Not durable

The NutriBullet multifunctional blender comes at an affordable price. Surprisingly, it has all the qualities that the best blenders under 100 should hold. You will receive the best nutrient extraction from this versatile blender. Moreover, its power will help you crush several food items at a time. The extremely powerful 1200 W motor lets you make smoothie, juice, sauce, or even nut butter in the least time possible. You can control the blender at three different speeds, including a pulse function. The pitcher of the blender is made of durable plastic with is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. The blades are robust and made of stainless steel. They can perform in cyclonic motion efficiently. You will get a vented pitcher that can blend hot food without sweating. Along with the blender, you will receive a vented lid cap, tamper, and a recipe book. In addition to that, you can clean it easily with mild detergents and scrub. A one-year guarantee is provided with the NutriBullet blender.

  • Made of highly durable plastic
  • Blades are stainless and BPA free
  • Comes with a vented lid, tamper, and one recipe book
  • 1200 Watt stable base
  • Multiple speed control system
  • Additional pulse function
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Defective construction

Ninja Professional Blender With 700-Watt Base and 16-Ounce Cups with Spout Lids

Ninja Professional is one of the best blenders under 100 come with different power and features. But all of them are well-known for their performance. The 700 Watt-base powerful yet space-saving blender is perfect for your day-to-day activity. For small kitchens and families, this model is the most suitable one. It comes with a power cord of 36 inches. The nutrition from fruits and vegetables remains at the perfect level after blending them here. Moreover, the blender features pulse technology that easily blends frozen fruits and ice. The voltage for this blender is 120 V with 60 hertz. The whole blender is easy to clean, and it’s dishwasher safe. It comes with two16 ounce ninja cups, two sip and seal lids, and a recipe book. The two cups are convenient for use inside the car because of the particular holder. Otherwise, you can use them as everyday smoothie glasses. You will see the impressive performance of the durable stainless steel blades. The slim and sleek design helps store it anywhere in the kitchen. Besides, the price of this blender is absolutely affordable.

  • Efficient and quick performance
  • Durable blades for crushing
  • 700-Watt strong base
  • Comes with a 36 inches cord
  • Provides 16 ounces of two ninja cups
  • Also has two sip and seal lids, and a recipe book
  • Slim to fit anywhere in the kitchen
  • Improved pulse technology
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Can’t blend hot food
  • The motor does not last for a long period

Homegeek powerful 1450 W blender is suitable for blending all your necessary food. The heavy-duty professional blender can smoothly blend and get your drinks, soup, or butter ready. Besides, I would also say this can be on of the best blenders under 100 for smoothies. The unique part about this blender is its variable speed control. You can adjust eight-speed controls for blending. Moreover, there are four pre-programmed settings for different food blends. You can emulsify, grind, or simply blend frozen treats. You can blend most of your food in a large quantity. The giant pitcher of 2L is BPA-free and durable for continuous performance. The trapezoidal-shaped blender is perfect for family use. Besides, t is light-weight and easy to store anywhere. The self-cleaning feature of the blender makes it different from others. You can add 2-3 drops of liquid soap with warm water and set the blender at medium speed to clean it. The ease of handling and cleaning makes this blender more acceptable to everyone. The package contains a motor base, container, a cookbook, and a tamper. You will get this fantastic blender at just 99.99 $, which makes it stay at the front of our list.

  • Large capacity container
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • 1450 W power base
  • Variable speed control
  • Pre-programmed settings
  • Light-weight and durable featured container
  • Too noisy

WantJoin is one of the perfect best blenders under 100 for your home and restaurant. It can process a large amount of food at once and operate quickly with its efficient blades. The blender adopts 2200 W power with stainless steel durable blades. The blades can rotate 30000 times per minute. These features make the blender useful for crushing food in different forms of texture. The one switch-mode makes the blender easy to operate. You can also self-clean it using just one mode. You can start the blender and leave it in another room for noise issues. It has an automatic timer setting that would stop working after one to five minutes. The protective materials of the blender make it stay strong at the highest rotating speed. Moreover, it can mince ices without water in only 10 seconds. The whole set provides a stand, two-liter protective PC pitcher, a tamper, and one instruction guide. It is available at 73 $ on amazon.

  • Thickened and durable container
  • Scratch and explosion-proof
  • Easy to clean with one automatic button
  • Mince ice in 10 seconds only
  • Mostly adopted with 2200 W
  • Automatic stopping system
  • The hardened stainless steel blade of 30000 rpm
  • Poor blending quality

BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush Multi-Function Blender with 6-Cup Glass Jar

The blender has an entirely different approach to your regular food blending process. It operates at 700 W for peak performance and continuous operation; it uses 350 W of power.

The four-tip stainless steel blade creates a constant flow to chop the food into fine particles. You will also get a four-speed control system that allows you to handle your job comfortably.

The blender contains a thick jar that will give you a classy feeling. It is durable and built for continuous function for the blender.

Moreover, it has a specially designed spout molded in the jar that pours drink easily. The jar is easy to clean with removable parts.

You can make drinks, sauce, dip, or anything else using the versatile blender. At its peak performance, it can mince ice quite easily.

With all these fantastic features, this one of the best blenders under 100 will serve you ample nutrition and vitamins from foods.

  • Four-speed control system
  • Four powerful stainless steel blades
  • Six cups durable jar
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Removable parts easy to clean
  • Stable and durable thick glass
  • Spout molded for easy pouring
  • Efficient motor delivering 700 W at peak performance
  • Blades are quite small

The Oster Pro blender uses advanced technology to process the food. The attached five-cup food processor is useful for chopping your ingredients. You will get a BPA-free jar made of long-lasting plastic. Besides, the jar is transparent and healthy to use. The blender uses seven different speeds to blend various food and drinks. Three pre-programmed blender settings help for typical blending. Also, one pulse setting is applied for precision blending. The 3.5 inches wide jar allows the food to reach easily to the blades. Besides, dual-blade technology is sufficient for quick blending. It also features 1200 W of ice-crushing power. You can buy one of the best blenders under 100 at a reasonable price. So without any doubt, you can go for this handy blender.

  • Three programmed speed setting
  • Extra-wide 3.5 jar
  • Peek power of 1200 W
  • Extra five-cup food processor
  • Stainless steel durable blades
  • Strong and sturdy jar
  • Seven-speed variations
  • Dual blade technology
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • Not long-lasting

Magic Bullet Blender, 11 piece set

The Magic Bullet blender is all you need in your compact kitchen. The super-stylish blender does multiple jobs with just one machine. The company already sold 40 million pieces of this blender. The high-speed multifunctional blender does all types of grinding, chopping, and blending jobs within a few seconds. You can simply twist the jar and start the mechanism. This eleven-piece set also includes several blades, cups, and recipe books. All are made of durable plastics that don’t let food get leaked. During rush, you will not need additional utensils. You can use the jar with the lid and make it your companion for the day. It is easy to handle and clean. The blades are stainless and don’t stick while blending any food. The 250 W high torque base protects the blender from unwanted hazards. The powerful tool will take a special place in your kitchen and heart. You can cook appealing desserts for dinner and tasty omelets using the recipe books. For better blending, add half a cup of water to your food this is one of the best blenders under 100.

  • Full eleven-piece blender set
  • Cups are made of durable plastic
  • 250 W high torque performance
  • Blends food with just one twist
  • Multipurpose appliance
  • Unique and sleek design
  • Not for long term use

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender has different features than any conventional blender. It has both the features of a blender and a chopper. The versatile multifunctional blades can work for blending and chopping as well. The blender continuously works from the first batch to the last one entirely. It will allow you to make smoothies, sauce, dip, icy milk-shakes, and so on. The multifunctional blender works at 700 W during peak. You can crush ice and frozen fruits easily with this blender. The blender also uses a Wave-action system to drive the mixture up and down for blending continuously. Moreover, the blender has twelve different blending functions. The 40 oz. the capacity of the jar makes it easy to blend a large quantity of food. The cups and jar are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. You can quickly pour the mixture out of it because of the molded pout and hinged cap. Besides, the jar is easy to handle and set up in the machine. The bottom is designed specially to fix at the desired place. You can clean the blades and jar without any trouble. However, these best blenders under 100 are available at a lower price and provide you a limited three-year warranty.

  • 700 W peak performance
  • Versatile usage
  • Three cups of chopping bowls
  • BPA free jar of 40 oz
  • Twelve blending functions
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited warranty of three years
  • The spout and hinged cap
  • Space-saving with cord storage
  • Poor blending
  • Leakage issues

The hand blender does its job excellently and provides you different foods. It will make your cooking faster with its advanced German-engineered motor.

With 350 W power, it will give you the best performance for blending. The PowerBall function allows you to prepare all the ingredients within a short time. From desserts to drinks, you can make anything with it.

You can use it for mixing and baking purposes without any doubt. It will reduce your efforts with advanced flash technology.

The high-precision motor balances the power evenly. It has durable blades for continuous performance. With the easy click buttons, you can change the speed and functions.

You can easily handle the blender because of its ergonomic design. The light-weight machine gets a good grip on your hands.

Moreover, your job options increase with their creative attachments. You can expand your cooking range by using it to make whipped cream and butter.

The turbo boost mode of this blender will allow you to crush hard items like ice. It makes your task easy while blending frozen ingredients.

The multi quick blender is very affordable.

  • Soft grip for better handling
  • PowerBall technology for more refined results
  • Bell-shaped blending shaft for fast performance
  • Extra attachments for multifunction
  • Speed control system
  • BPA and dishwasher safe
  • Works with just one click
  • Week plastic construction

The ultimate buying guide for the best blenders under 100

Before buying any blender, there are some factors that need consideration. You can get any blender easily. But to find the best blenders under 100, you need to go through all the options available. After that, you might think about choosing one of them. The considerations for buying the best blenders under 100 are given below.


Generally, the power of the best blenders under 100 is expressed in Watt. The more the Wattage, the more powerful it will be. Before buying your best blenders under 100, don’t forget to check their wattage and voltage information. I would say it is wise to choose a high Watt blender. But the best blender’s features don’t depend on power only. A powerful blender will run efficiently and leave a fine mixture inside the blender. A low Watt blender can leave lumps and not blend into fine particles. That’s why it is essential to learn about the power of your blender.


The blades of the best blenders under 100 must be durable and stainless. Sometimes food can’t get blended because of weak edges. Material is not the only consideration in the case of blades. The design and sharpness express how well the best blenders under 100 will perform. For blending frozen food, the edges need to be strong enough to undergo high pressure. The modern blenders provide different blade settings for multiple blades. They cut fruits and vegetables precisely.

Jar Capacity

Single serving jars have a large capacity. A blender with a durable and large jar is the best blender you can get. Most of the large blenders have a total capacity of 72 to 60 oz. If you want to work less and create more mixture, a large-capacity blender is essential. You can get your job done quickly using a huge jar. At a time, you can serve multiple people using a high-capacity jar. You can enjoy drinks with your family or friends together using a large capacity blender jar.

Jar Material

The blenders that I have mentioned are made of durable plastic. A plastic and transparent jar with measuring units is very helpful for blending. Most importantly, the plastic of the jar should be long-lasting. For long and continuous performance, your jar needs to undergo very high pressure. To remain stable and sturdy, the construction material needs to have high quality. Sometimes you might need to blend hot or cold stuff. At this point, the material needs to be temperature resistant. Moreover, the jar needs to be BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Speed Control

To find out which blender is best, you need to understand speed control. The most convenient blender should have different controlling speeds. Your food might have a different texture, and it needs different speeds to get blended. In this case, you must have control over the speed. You know better what mode you should use to blend the specific food. Most affordable blenders have pre-programmed speed settings. They can operate at different speed levels according to the food properties. Some expensive ones have a sensor to control the speed itself. Moreover, some of them can work according to a preset time. So the speed control is a key feature for the best blender available in the market.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning should be easier for any appliance. Especially if you need to process food, you have to clean your machine every day. I have mentioned those blenders that are dishwasher safe. So you don’t need to worry about any of these blenders in case of cleaning. But sometimes food gets stuck inside the sharp blades. At that point, you need to remain very careful and clean them properly. Otherwise, your blender might not work well in the long run.


You might think that the best blenders under 100 should perform well. Yes, you are right, but every blender doesn’t have the same blades. Some can crush fruits but can’t make nut butter. Again, some blenders come with other attachments to increase their versatility. It actually depends on you what type of work you want to perform using your blender. According to your requirements, you can choose a multifunctional blender. However, the cheap ones will not perform multiple activities.


Most manufacturers are using space-saving technology now. So the best blenders under 100 should use less space and work more. Efficient blenders are now available in mini sizes. Besides, hand blenders don’t use much space. A proper dimension of the blender will help it fit anywhere inside the kitchen. Stylish and portable blenders always increase the beauty and functionality of your kitchen. So try to find something that will be compact but useful at the same time.

Power cord

You will receive a power cord along with your blender. But you should check how long it can go. If it is too short, it will not reach the switchboard. Again, the power cord should adjust at the bottom of your base for better storage. It will make the blender easy to handle and carry everywhere.


Noise is a massive problem with blenders. Through improved technology has almost reduced it, it can still be bothersome. As I mentioned before, some best blenders under 100 have a timer mode. You can turn that mode on and go to another room. It will automatically finish its job and not disturb you with a loud noise. Small children and pets cannot tolerate loud noise levels. In that case, you can buy something that produces less noise. It might cost you a bit more, but still, it will be under 100.


A long time warranty ensures that the manufacturers are confident about their products. Some best blenders under 100 last for a really long time for almost ten years. But not all blenders are durable. The affordable ones might provide a warranty for three to four years. It also depends on the usage and maintenance. If you clean and maintain it properly, you might use it for a more extended period.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Best Blenders Under 100

How can I clean the blades of the best blenders under 100?

As I said, proper maintenance and cleaning will make your blenders last long. It is very important to clean the blades of your blender correctly. You cannot clean the blades of your blender using the dishwasher. It will not be safe. Instead, you can use warm water and mild detergent to clean the stainless steel blades. However, remain careful while touching them as they might cut your fingers. To reach the lower portion, you can use a brush.

Can I crush ice using the best blenders under 100?

It depends on your blender’s specifications. But most blenders can crush frozen fruits and ice. The blending timing might vary a little from one another, but you can crush ices to have them with your drink. I would suggest you use any liquid before crushing the ice. It will help them to melt a little bit and blend with it quickly. Still, before buying, I will suggest you go through the features of your preferred blenders.

How do I need to cut fruits to crush them properly?

You can cut your favorite fruits into any shape and put them inside the blender with water or syrup for making smoothies. But I will prefer making small pieces out of the fruit. It will help the blender run properly. However, powerful blades can chop and blend any fruit size but if it is large, cut it into a few sections.


I tried to focus on the key features of the best blenders under 100. I hope you will find your preferred blender on our list. Before you buy, best blenders under 100 check our buying guide to get better ideas. I tried to cover every important point about the best blenders under 100 in my article. But the decision to buy the best one lies with you. All the blenders mentioned above are very reasonable. They are top-rated because of their efficient performance at a reasonable budget. These best blenders under 100 can be used at home and restaurants at the same time. So if you are a professional chef, don’t think that the affordable ones will not do your job. Some of them are highly efficient and durable to work under extreme pressure. Without any hesitation, you can buy the best blenders under 100 and experience their excellent performance.

Mark is an aspiring chef, and father of two. He is always on the lookout to try new healthy recipes and kitchen gadgets. Now he hung up his chef coat to become a stay at home father and writer.

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