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10 Best Double Burner Griddle in 2021 | Expert’s Review!


Has this ever happened to you that you had to prepare breakfast for a lot of people? And you surprisingly realized that the griddle you have couldn’t make much food at the same time? If you did, all you need is one of the best double burner griddle.

This product is a lifesaver. This double burner griddle will make your life so much easier. It will make you wonder why it took you so many days to buy one?

A double burner griddle can save you from making breakfast or preparing foods at a picnic in so many small batches. You would not want to waste your time and energy on something like making food. No matter if it is making food for breakfast or a picnic. A double burner griddle saves half of your time and energy for the day. It is super convenient and one of the must-haves in your kitchen.

A griddle is a pan that has a smooth and flat surface. It is generally bulky. It has a complete body to make food. It is usually used to make foods like sausages, bacon, egg, pancakes, home fries, French toasts, etc.

A griddle is used in a stove, which is broad and flat. It can be used on stoves run by coal, gas, electricity, wood, etc. It can be used to prepare foods, both indoor and outdoor.

You can prepare food using a griddle anywhere inside or outside. A griddle prepares food by grilling, baking, or smoking. You would not need a high flame or a massive fire to use a griddle. You can easily use this on coal, wood, or even electric stoves. It requires a small amount of oil only. It prepares your food in a lot easier and healthier way. It also makes food taste good at the same time.

A double burner griddle is a griddle larger in size. It covers two burners of your stove, allowing you to have a larger cooking space. You can make a larger amount of food at a time.

So, you will be able to serve food to many people at once. You would not have to prepare them in small batches.

Food prepared on a griddle is better for your health; they do not need much heat or oil; they taste better. So, switching up to a griddle for your day’s most important meal is a great idea.

For that, you would not need a full-sized griddle grill. That will be more expensive, which will take up a lot of space. Going for a double griddle instead saves up a lot. It gives you incredible performance at the best rate.


Comparison Table for 10 Best Double Burner Griddle

STAUB Cast Iron Double Burner GriddleStainless Steel18.62 x 9.84 x 1.65 inchesCheck Price
All-clad Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher Safe PFOA Free Grande Griddle CookwareAluminum22 x 14 x 4 inchesCheck Price
Rachel Ray Brights Hard-Anodized Nonstick Double Burner Griddle PanAluminum22 x 10 x 1.25 inchesCheck Price
DASH everyday Nonstick GriddleNonstick23.75 x 14 x 4 inchesCheck Price
Nostalgia GD20C New and Improved Nonstick Copper GriddleCopper25.00 x 13.25 x 3.25 inchesCheck Price
Anolon Advanced Hard-Anodized Nonstick Griddle panHard-Anodized Aluminum22.75 x 10.75 x 3.00 inchesCheck Price
Anolon Advanced Flat grill NonstickAluminum20.50 x 10.12 x 4.12 inchesCheck Price
Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle with handlesCast Iron20.00 x 10.50 x 0.81 inchesCheck Price
T-fal Nonstick Dishwasher Safe 18×11 inch Double Burner Family GriddleAluminum18.00 x 11.00 x 2.00 inchesCheck Price
NutriChef Cast Iron Reversible Grill PlateIron18.00 x 10.00 x 0.60 inchesCheck Price

10 Best Double Burner Griddle Reviews:

Best Double Burner Griddle

As we were saying, a griddle can be a useful tool in your kitchen. But, the wrong size of griddle can create problems for you too. If you are serving food to a large number of people, buying a double burner griddle can be useful for you.

This is why, here, I present you with some of the best double burner griddle to save up your time. It will make work easier for you. They are so amazing. They look so good. And you can get these griddle at a reasonable price too.


This is a fantastic griddle for stove top of yours. This griddle is made of cast iron with an enamel coating. So, it is strong and durable. The cast iron increases the life of the griddle. It is easy to clean because of the enamel coating.

We know that it is essential to season your griddle. You need to spice your griddle at least once a week with olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, or any vegetable oil.

Seasoning keeps food away from sticking to the griddle’s surface.

This griddle is made of cast iron. It makes the surface smooth. It is easy to clean. So, food does not stick to it even if you are not using seasoning.

Now, let us talk about the appearance of this griddle. The gorgeous black enamel makes it look elegant. It also ensures perfect browning. Its slightly raised edges prevent the oil or juice from spilling.

It has oversized handles that give a good hold to the griddle even with your kitchen mittens on.

It gives you a cooking space of 18.62×9.84 inches, which almost double a regular griddle. It allows you to prepare multiple foods on it at the same time so that you do not need various dishes.

  • Enough cooking space
  • Can sit on two burners
  • Versatile use
  • Does not need seasoning
  • Enamel coated surface
  • Raised edges
  • Oversized handles
  • Can be expensive

If you are looking for an All-clad double burner griddle, nothing can be better for you than this piece. It can be the lifesaver of your serving food for a lot of people.

You can cook food on this on any gas or electric stove. It has a nonstick wide surface that does not need any seasoning. The stainless steel handles give extra comfort. Because of being hard anodized and made of aluminum, it heats up faster and prepares your food in no time.

It is easy to clean. It does not wear the r scratch. Its nonstick surface makes it healthier for food as it takes less fat to cook.

It has a PFOA free surface. This griddle can be heated to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. But you would not be able to any lid. You can easily wash this griddle on the dishwasher. It is better to hand wash it to clean.

  • PFOA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Scratch and wear-proof
  • Heatproof to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Heats up easily
  • Nonstick surface
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Requires less oil
  • Not for induction stoves

This fantastic stove griddle top can be your best friend for indoor cooking. It is one of the best double burner griddle for indoors. This gives you a fantastic cooking experience, even when you’re serving food to so many people.

It is hard anodized, which gives it durability. Its nonstick surface does not stick food to itself. So, you can prepare food without seasoning for the griddle. It heats up faster, so prepares your food quicker.

It is excellent to save time in the morning. Its raised corners make it easier to hold. It can be heated even in an oven to 400 degrees. It can be used in both oven and the stove. The stainless steel handle gives you better hold to the griddle.

The smooth surface makes it easy to pour sauce, gravy from it. The slightly raised corners do not let the oil spill. It has a larger cooking area.

So, you can prepare several items at a time, which saves your time and energy. You also prepare a complete mill on one griddle, so you do not have to clean extra dishes.

  • 2× harder surface
  • Larger cooking space
  • Ovenproof to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Scratch and wear-proof
  • Nonstick surface
  • Easy cleaning
  • Does not need seasoning
  • Has pour spouts
  • Less suitable for outdoor uses

If you love to cook and have many recipes you want to try with your griddle, this griddle is just the right thing for you. This is specially designed to make different cooking kinds of food easier.

It can make basic recipes like pancakes to different ranges of food—this griddle with a cooking space of 19.75× 9.5, which is ideal for family gatherings. You can make different kinds of food at the same time. This amazing double burner griddle will save you time and energy.

You can make a full meal, and you would not even have to use several dishes. It has a nonstick surface, so it does not need seasoning. Food does not stick to it.

It is one of the best electronic griddles. It is really easy to use.

It takes a lot less oil or fat to prepare food. It comes with a drip tray underneath. So, the extra oil or grease can be drained into that tray. You will get your food without any extra grease.

It is PFOA free. It is so strong and durable. It still has a one-year manufacturer warranty. It has rubber legs that prevent it from sliding on your kitchen counter.

  • Best electric griddle
  • Comes with drip tray
  • Nonstick
  • Does not need seasoning
  • Can make different kinds of food
  • Non-slip rubber legs
  • One year warranty
  • Requires less oil
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Runs by electricity only.

Preparing food and reheating it again can be monotonous and time-consuming sometimes. This struggle is nothing new for working women. Reheated food does not even taste good all the time.

So, you either end up eating tasteless foods you made hours ago, or you spend your time in making foods in small batches again and again. If this is your story too, the Nostalgia GD20C Nonstick Copper griddle can be a lifesaver for you.

This is one of the best electric stove with griddle top.

This excellent griddle comes with a warming drawer underneath. You can store your food here, and it will stay warm for a long time. It is made of di-grid Aluminium, which assures proper warming.

It has a larger cooking area. It will save half of the time you spend cooking and cleaning. You can cooks several kinds of food at the same time. Its stay cold handles are more comfortable to hold even without kitchen mittens.

They have a clean up easy grease catch where the extra oil gets drained into. It makes your food extra grease-free. It runs by electricity so easy to use. It has an elegant design to make your kitchen look a lot better.

  • Warming drawer
  • Grease catch
  • Nonstick surface
  • Di-grid Aluminium
  • Durable and lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to run
  • Stay cold handles
  • Does not need seasoning
  • Can not be used outside

If you want your griddle to be durable and last long, nothing can be better than this Anolon advanced hard anodized Nonstick Griddle pan. It is one of the best double burner griddles.

It is hard anodized. This means the Aluminium used to make this pan has been hardened electrochemically by putting an oxidized layer on it. It hardens the Aluminium by two times. This oxidized layer also makes it non-reacting, scratchproof, and nonstick.

This hard anodized griddle is more sturdy and durable. The heavy-duty materials make sure it gets heated as needed and gives better performance. The easy-grip handle ensures a better grasp on your handle.

The pour spout area allows the grease to drip and drains out. So your foods stay healthy, without any extra grease. PFOA free surface is oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a mini turner to help you turn the food items while cooking. The turner is dishwasher safe.

  • PFOA free
  • Oven safe to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Pour spout area
  • Extra grease get drained
  • Many foods can be prepared
  • Runs on electricity
  • Comes with a food turner
  • Hard anodized
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for indoors only

If you liked the electric griddle from Analon, but you want it to be more convenient, this one is for you. An electric griddle is perfect and easy to use.

But the problem starts if you are planning to use them for both indoor and outdoor.

It has a perfect size of 10×18, which helps them to fit on two burners perfectly. This covers a large area and helps you to prepare different kinds of food at a large amount all at once. It saves up your time and energy. As you can manage cooking a whole meal on this one griddle, it saves you from cleaning tons of pots and pans.

Heavy-duty hand anodized structure makes it more robust and durable. It ensures proper heating, so your food gets beautifully and deliciously brown but does not burn.

The stainless steel handles have a rubber grip, which helps you have a tight grasp on the griddle. It has a nonstick rack, which is the most exciting feature of this product. You can use it to roast your foods too.

The nonstick surface of the griddle makes it easy to use and clean. It is PFOA free and scratch proof. You can use it both for your stove and oven. This griddle is oven safe to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Strong and durable
  • Roasting rack
  • Perfect for two burners
  • Saves uptime
  • Nonstick
  • Easy to clean
  • Hard and scratch proof
  • Best for oven, stove, campfire everything
  • Easy-grip handles
  • Might be a bit slower than electric griddles

Cast iron is a specially prepared metal that is more durable and stronger than the other metals. It does not break easily and lasts a lot longer than other metals.

A griddle is not a one-time thing. When you buy a griddle, you will expect that to run for years properly. And that is why I present you, the Lodge Pre-Seasoned griddle. It is an excellent reversible iron cast griddle that can be used for grills too.

The best thing about this is the versatility. You can use it on stoves, ovens, campfires anywhere you wish. Its cooking area of 20×10.5 helps you sauté, bake, grill, stir fry an immense amount of food all at once. It allows you to prepare the full meal on one dish only. This saves you from cleaning. It saves a lot of time.

The nonstick body helps the food to come off quickly without sticking to the pan. It is easier to clean too. It does not have scratches. The nonstick surface makes it stronger and more durable. The fantastic heat distribution makes sure your food gets enough heat but does not burn.

  • Nonstick
  • Durable and robust design
  • Can be used on stoves to a campfire
  • Can grill food too
  • Amazing heat distribution
  • Scratch proof
  • Easy to clean
  • Larger cooking area
  • Saves uptime
  • Slower than electric griddles

The griddle is one of the best griddles for its perfect heating. Proper heating is one of the essential things for foods you prepare in a griddle.

Heavy gauge Aluminium is used in the construction of this griddle. It gives perfect heat conduction. But, it also has a nonstick layer on its surface. This nonstick layer makes it scratchproof, odor proof and stain proof. It makes cleaning the griddle easier.

You can clean it on the dishwasher too. It has the perfect ergonomic structure. It can be used on ovens too. Cause it is oven proof to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a lifetime warranty too.

  • Made of high gauge Aluminium
  • Nonstick layer inside
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfectly cover two burners
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used in ovens too
  • Had a lifetime warranty
  • Perfect heat distribution
  • Saves time and energy
  • Might be a little slow

This is one of the most efficient and elegant griddles out there. But its sleek black design can make your kitchen look more gorgeous. It gives you extraordinary performance by its multi-purpose use.

It has reversible sides, which means you can use both sides. You use the smooth side of this griddle to sauté, stir-frying etc. The ribbed side helps you to grill things.

This griddle has other useful features, which means you can use them in stoves, gas or electric ovens, campfires etc. No matter where you use it, it will prepare a large amount of food at once, saving you time.

It is made of cast iron metal. That is what makes it durable and last long. It has a nonstick layer so that food does not stick to it. It is scratch proof and stain proof. It reduces the use of oil, which makes your food healthier. It is heat safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • Nonstick surface
  • Reversible
  • Versatile uses
  • Great for oven, stove, campfire
  • Requires less grease
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be used for induction stoves
  • Might change the flavors of food

Things to remember before you buy a double burner griddle

The fantastic double burner griddles we talked about must-have astonished you. But hold on a little before buying one. Let’s get to know some quick basics you need to know before buying a griddle.


It is meant to sit on two burners. So, it is essential to know and realize the perfect size for a double burner griddle.

The average size of a double burner griddle is 18×11 inches. Well, this does not mean you need to get one with precisely this size. But try to stay near this size to ensure full comfort while cooking.

Heat distribution:

Griddle made foods need the perfect heat and temperature to be well cooked and tasty. If the griddle is too hot, the food will burn.

So, you will need the proper distribution of heat so that they get the perfect brown tone, without burning your food. Aluminum is an excellent metal to absorb heat.

Griddles that use Aluminium in their construction can provide a better heat distribution for delicious food.


There are different types of griddles, depending on how you use them. You can use them on gas ovens, electric ovens, stoves, etc. Some of them can do it all. Some of them don’t.

You need to choose your griddle wisely. It is easier and hassles free if you can use one griddle for indoor and outdoor uses. In that case, electric griddles would not be helpful. The griddle which can be used anywhere is the perfect choice for anyone whatsoever.


What are the differences between the double burner grill and griddle?

Answer: The double burner grill and griddle have different surfaces. The double burner griddle has a smooth surface, and grills have a ribbed surface.

You can use a griddle for baking, stir-frying, sauté, etc. On the other hand, a grill is specially designed to make better grills.

But the way these two functions are almost the same. So you have anyone, you’re not missing anything.

Can double burner griddles be used on induction stoves?

Answer:  If you want your double burner griddle to work on induction stoves too, just choose one made of cast iron.

They are a kind of magnetic stainless steel. These kinds of materials are best for induction stoves. So, buy one of them.

Is it necessary to have a nonstick griddle?

Answer: Well, your griddle doesn’t need to be nonstick. But it is useful in many ways. So, it is time to get a double burner griddle.

Nonstick materials are stain and scratch proof. They are more robust and more durable. If the griddle is nonstick, it will be easy to take out the food. Or else, you will have to season it with extra grease, which is difficult and unhealthy.


Today, we talked about some of the best double burner griddles out there. All of these double burner griddles are great and have unique features. If you used to think double burner griddles are not that necessary like I did, these would change your mind.

It feels like a regular griddle is enough for your use. But these tremendous double burner griddles with amazing designs will make you realize how awesome it can be. It saves your time, energy, saves you from extra chores, so why not? Just buy them and see how they turn out to be the best thing you bought.

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