10 Best Japanese Rice Cooker in 2021 | Expert’s Review!

Like most other kitchen appliances, the Japanese are famous for making rice cookers. The best Japanese rice cookers will give you an incredible performance no matter if you are a new cook or a professional.

If you are good at cooking but do not get enough time to cook, these rice cookers will save your time and, also, will give you the same fantastic experience as your hand cooked rice.

I still remember cooking rice was my worst nightmare when I moved out and started living on my own. It was my first time trying to cook for myself.  And that was when my mother bought me a rice cooker.

Ever since then, they have been my lifesaver. No matter how busy I am, they always manage to cook rice for me within a short time.

As I am a regular user of rice cookers, I have used a lot of them. As I have tried out most of the market kinds, I can tell you the Japanese rice cookers are the best and give you the most amazing experiences.

Why Japanese rice cookers?

Best Japanese Rice Cooker

When it comes to technological wonders and advancements, Japan always amazes us. They always stay updated with the latest and most recent technologies. Food is another art for the Japanese too.

So, it is needless to say that the technologies used for cooking in Japan are perfect. They ensure that you do not face any problem at all when you are cooking, even when you cannot cook that well.

Japanese rice cookers are one of the appliances that will blow your mind. As we said, they have the best and most advanced technology, which will give you the perfect temperature adjustment every time. The triple-layered metal inner compartment ensures that the ideal heat and steam reach every grain of rice.

It does not make your rice too mushy or too hard and grainy. It instead gives your rice a nice and fluffy texture. You would not have to manually take care of the timing because they come with a double preset cooking timer. So, it will prepare your rice perfectly.

You would not have to physically go and push the button to switch it off when it is done. The timer switches off itself when the food is ready. So, you can just come home, or get up from sleep in the morning and eat your warm rice.

The warm timer keeps your rice warm for a long time. The computerized menu gives you several options to cook a specific meal. Such as, you can make your rice a bit sweet or sticky, just the way you want. Almost all Japanese rice cookers give you these options.

Also, these rice cookers give you the freedom to cook a bunch of other meals other than only rice. You can use it to make sushi, oatmeal, eggs, rice cakes, dumplings, etc. you can boil your vegetables a bit before cooking using them. They are almost a thorough package and will help you cook some raw but tasty meals.

Top ten Japanese rice cooker review

I have already talked enough about these rice cookers. But it would not prove anything unless you use one yourself. You will know the differences between a regular rice cooker and a Japanese rice cooker right away. And you will understand precisely which qualities are making this rice cooker the best.

Japanese rice cookers are a bit expensive than regular cookers. So, it might seem too much to spend this amount of money only on a rice cooker. But when you start using one, you would not be regretting the money.

As the Japanese rice cookers come with so many facilities and designs, it often can be overwhelming to choose the right rice cooker. And you would not be able to totally enjoy using these cookers if you do not buy the one you will need.  So, here I am today to talk about rice cookers with the best quality possible. These top ten Japanese rice cooker reviews will help you to choose the perfect kind of cooker for your use.

Comparison Table for 10 Best Japanese Rice Cooker


Image Name Material Dimensions Price
COMFEE 5.2Qt Asian Programmable All-in-1 Multi-Cooker Stainless Steel 13.9 x 10.8 x 10.5 inches Check Price
Toshiba TRCS01 Cooker 6 Cups Uncooked (3L) with Fuzzy Logic and One-Touch Cooking, Brown Rice, White Rice, and Porridge   15.1 x 12.4 x 9.9 inches Check Price
Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer Stainless Steel 13.00 x 8.13 x 10.13 inches Check Price
Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker Stainless Steel 7.50 x 9.10 x 7.50 inches Check Price
Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer Steel 14.00 x 10.10 x 8.50 inches Check Price
Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer, 3-Cups (uncooked) Stainless Steel 11.88 x 9.13 x 7.50 inches Check Price
Zojirushi NS-WAC18-WD 10-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer Stainless Steel 14.38 x 11.00 x 9.88 inches Check Price
Instant Pot Duo Nova Pressure Cooker 7 in 1 Stainless Steel, Plastic 14.80 x 13.60 x 14.00 inches Check Price
Tiger JAX-T18U-K 10-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker with Food Steamer & Slow Cooker Stainless Steel 14.60 x 11.10 x 9.80 inches Check Price
BLACK+DECKER RC506 6-Cup Cooked/3-Cup Uncooked Rice Cooker and Food Steamer Plastic 10.00 x 9.00 x 5.50 inches Check Price

The intelligent 6-step cooking process of this rice cooker ensures the perfect cooking of rice every time. If you stay busy a lot and do not get time, this cooker is the right thing for you. The steam valve and inner pot make your food stay warm and soft by preserving the heat, even after a long time.

This rice cooker from Comfee is not only a rice cooker. You must be wondering why. This rice cooker with 17 digital cooking programs can save you from buying nearly five other appliances.

You can cook anything starting from stew, soup, dumplings, saute, steamed vegetables, oats, quinoa, and so many easy dishes. So, if you are a new cook, it can help you cook so many dishes other than rice.

The rice cooker is operated under normal pressure with a power that makes it safer than regular rice cookers. The touch handle system keeps you safe from the heat when you open it.

The cooking capacity of this cooker can be served for a large crowd. It can cook 10 cups of rice, which, when cooked, can be 10-20 cups, which will be enough, even for a large family. The non-stick inner compartment does not let the rice stick to it.

It also makes cleaning the cooker super easy. The advanced technology makes cooking super easy with the led control panel, custom timer, and touch-sensitive panel. So, with just a press of a button, you can cook your food.

The delay timer will even keep your food up to 12 hours, making this cooker a best friend of yours on your busy days. The stainless-steel body of the inner compartment does not let it rust, scratch, or stain.

It is easy to clean both by hands and on a dishwasher, so it saves a lot of your time. The rice cooker comes with a lifetime warranty, so even if you accidentally get a flawed piece, you can change it.

  • Versatile cooking facilities
  • Can serve food for lots of people at a time
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Touch-sensitive LED panel
  • Non-stick inner compartment
  • Dishwasher safe inner bowl
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Might be expensive

Toshiba was the first company to bring the rice automated electric rice cooker to the market in 1955. Since then, they are one of the classic companies and a leading company to produce quality cookers. This Japanese-style rice cooker can be operated with the 6-step intelligent 3D cooking technology that makes your work a thousand times easier.

The non-stick inner bowl and the steam valve was specially made to keep in the steam and leave your rice with a soft and fluffy texture, keeping it warm for a long time after cooking. This rice cooker comes with seven pre-programmed cooking features, which will help you to cook many dishes.

This one cooker can prepare all white rice, oatmeal, brown rice, porridge, rice with both long and short grains, mixed rice, etc. It is easy to understand how having this one cooker will do the works of 6-7 appliances alone. It can cook 12 cups of rice at once, which, after being cooked, can be served to no small number of people.

The incredible feature of this rice cooker is the quick rice feature. It has a sensor that accelerates your time of cooking time to 30 minutes. This feature is super helpful and convenient. It makes your work a lot faster, maintaining the same texture and taste of your rice.

The keep-warm feature of this cooker auto activates right after the rice is cooked. This keeps the heat for 24 hours. It has two programable timers, Which can keep your food all cooked and ready whenever you want. You just have to put rice and water and set the timer. You will get your warm steamed rice right at the moment you want.

The vents let all the steam out, so the smoke does not rise while cooking.  OdjtoThis prevents the moisture from overflowing the rice and making a mess. Overall, this rice cooker from Toshiba can be the perfect cooker for you. This cooker quickly resembles Toshiba’s history of making good quality classic rice cookers.

  • Quick rice feature
  • Steam vent
  • Keeps food warm for nearly a day after cooking
  • Can make -7 different dishes of rice
  • Has six-step intelligent 3D cooking technology
  • Saves time
  • Cooks enough to serve a large family
  • The complex technological features can be too much for the user sometimes.

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer

This is another of the best rice cookers brand, which a fantastic option for you if you want it mounted to your wall. In this way, you will be able to set up your rice cooker for long-lasting, permanent use.

The rice cooker can cook 5-1/2 cups, which will be enough for a family when cooked. The cooker comes with a warmer with Neuro Fuzzy logic technology. The cooker has versatile cooking options, which gives you several options to cook rice.

You can set up the warmer in keep-warm or extended keep-warm according to the time you need the cooker to keep your food warm. This cooker from Zojirushi also has an option to reheat so you can reheat your food, still keeping it inside the cooker.

The spherical structure and non-stick inner compartment help uniform heating. This cooker can offer you an extensive range of ways to cook your rice. And you can choose your way from the menu in the control panel right away. The LED menu is extra-large and easy to read.

The fold-down handle makes it easier to hold and carry the cooker. A retractable power cord is built-in to the cooker. It comes with some other accessories like a spatula, spatula holder, and two different measuring cups. The stay-cool handles are comfortable to hold while holding the inner compartment of the rice cooker.

  • Neuro-fuzzy logic technology
  • Versatile cooking options
  • Keeps food warm according to your need
  • Reheating facilities
  • Structure gives uniform heating
  • Extra-large LED menu for easy reading
  • Nonstick inner compartment
  • Detachable inner lid
  • Easy to clean
  • Fold-down handles
  • The wall-mounted rice cooker can be difficult to use

Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

This rice cooker was the first rice cooker I got for myself. I did not have the space to place a large rice cooker as I lived in a small apartment. I did not even need one, as I had to cook only a little amount of rice.

This small rice cooker with the capacity of the highest 3 cups became my greatest friend back then. It comes in larger sizes with a total of 6 cups and 10 cups. I bought the larger size later according to my needs.

This rice cooker is one of the most basic cookers with high quality. Operating this rice cooker is super easy. The single switch control is the easiest thing to handle. You can do your cooking with just a button press, and there are no other complications.

The see-through glass lid helps you to have a look at your rice while you cook. The stay-cool knob does not heat up when the cooker and the lead heat up. This makes the rice cooker a lot easy to use.

The durable inner cooking pot was specially made for long and regular uses. It comes with a plastic cup to have the perfect measurement of the rice. The heat management technology keeps the food warm and fresh for a long time.

The cooker has a detachable power cord, which gives you the freedom to use it the way you want. It is effortless to clean and saves up a lot of your time.

  • Controlled with one switch
  • Clear glass lid
  • Heat resistant knob of the lid
  • Lasts long
  • Easy to clean
  • Can cook 3 cups or 6 ounces at a time
  • Detachable power cord
  • Might be expensive according to the quality

One of the brands making the best rice cookers out there is Zojirushi, and this rice cooker from Zojirushi is not any different. The beautiful shiny silver body of these rice cookers will catch your attention right away. But this is not the end because this rice cooker has a whole new bunch of cool features.

The beautiful silver body of this rice cooker comes from the stainless steel on both the inner and outer sides. This stainless-steel body does not only make it look good, but it also makes the body of the cooker strong and durable.

The rice cooker has a retractable wire built into it. The advanced technology used in this cooker makes it super convenient. It has ‘keep warm’ and ‘extended keep warm’ technology, which keeps the rice warm after cooking for as long as you need.

The smooth stainless body is easy to clean. Rice does not stick to the body and easily comes off.

The beep tones are interchangeable. So, you can even choose the beep tone you want to alert you. The capacity of this rice cooker is 5.5 cups, which is a large amount. It means you can serve a massive group of people, making it perfect for use on family gatherings or outings.

This rice cooker here gives you the opportunity to varieties of rice and so many other dishes. It saves you from loading your kitchen with appliances. This cooker works as a full package and can cook foods like stew, dumplings, soup, cake, sushi, you can saute or boil your veggies, etc.

  • Stainless steel inner and outer body
  • Food does not stick to the surface so it gets easy to clean
  • Inter chargeable beep tones for alert
  • The capacity of 5.5 cups
  • Can make several dishes and varieties of rice
  • Keep warm technology
  • Easy to clean
  • Might be hard on your pocket

If you have a tiny kitchen, but you want your kitchen to look all organized and tidy, nothing can be better for you than this beautiful and elegant looking rice cooker from Zojirushi. If you do cook, you know they are well known for their rice cookers.

This is one of the most basic and easy rice cookers. Even though it has a small cooking capacity, only 3 cups at a time still offer you varieties of dishes to choose from the multi-menu functions. You can prepare anything starting from brown rice, sushi rice, long grain mixed rice, oatmeal, etc. It is so convenient.

If you need to cook for comparatively fewer people, you can quickly cook on this rice cooker. The heaters in the bottom, lid, and body of the rice cooker provide perfect heat from all of the angles. This makes sure your rice is soft, fluffy, and perfectly cooked. It does not let any portion of the rice stay uncooked or overcooked.

The detachable inner lid is really easy to clean. It keeps your cooker nice and fresh. The retractable wire makes the rice cooker easy to store. There is a small steam vent on the top of the lid.

It is removable so that you can remove it to prevent the overspilling of food at high temperatures. The microcomputer can easily adjust the time and heat on the cooker. And these are the features that make this one of the best Japanese rice cookers.

  • Suits cooking for a small amount of rice
  • Detachable inner lid
  • Versatile cooking options
  • Triple heater
  • Steam vent
  • Time and temperature adjusts according to the use
  • Retractable wire
  • The cooking capacity might not be efficient for everyone.

Like most other cookers from Zojirushi, this also comes with a warmer with fuzzy logic technology. This rice cooker has a quite unique structure. It will catch your attention because of this unique and elegant body. This rice cooker has a capacity a lot larger than the traditional rice cookers.

This rice cooker has a capacity of 10 cups, which can help you to cook rice for a large crowd all at once. This will save up a lot of your time and energy. The multi menu cooking technology can prepare rice in different kinds.

And cooking automatically seems more fun when you have so many options to try out, and you do not even need to put any extra effort into that. It can also prepare sushi rice, oatmeal, and porridge other than your regular rice.

The rice cooker box contains a measuring cup to measure the grains and a spatula-like spoon to take the rice out of the bowl. The power cord can be disposed of from the cooker’s main body, making the rice cooker easy to store. The automated keep warm and extended keep warm technology keeps the rice warm and fresh for a long time.

With the help of the delay timer, you can make it cook your rice whenever they want. All you need to do is put rice and water and set the timer to the desired time when you need your rice to be cooked.

  • Fuzzy logic technology used in warmers
  • The power cord can be detached
  • Multi-menu cooking instructions
  • Comes with measuring cup and spoon
  • Keep warm, and extended keep the friendly option
  • Delay timer
  • User-friendly large display
  • Might be a little too expensive

This rice cooker can be an excellent appliance for beginners because this rice cooker combines seven appliances. This means it will save your money for buying seven other appliances. You can do almost all kind of your cooking works with the help of this cooker.

It combines a pressure cooker, sautés pan, yogurt maker, slow cooker, and steamer besides being a rice cooker. It will also save the space of seven other appliances in your kitchen and keep your kitchen fresh and tidy.  The 8qt model of this cooker can serve food for eight people.

So, it can be great for large families or groups. The sophisticated microprocessor that operates the cooker adjusts the perfect temperature, timer, heat, etc. to give you the food cooked healthily. It also ensures that the prepared food takes less time and taste more delicious. The lid of the cookers can be sealed to the body of the cooker for extra safety.

The steam vents with a smooth, firm push. It also comes with an extra sealing ring. This cooker, with more than ten safety measures, ensures safe cooking with less mess. It is effortless to clean up. The bowl inside the cooker is sturdy and durable, without any kind of chemical coating.

The multi-cooker with 13 programs can be easily operated just by the touch of a finger. The cooker was designed to adjust to the way you cook. The blue LCD is easy to read and understand. There are more than 100 recipes and cooking techniques you can try with this versatile cooker.

You can easily trust this cooker with all kinds of cooking works in your kitchen. It is super convenient and lessens your work by half. And all these features make this another one of the best Japanese rice cooker. This is not only a rice cooker, but you will get six more appliances in one too.

  • Combines seven kitchen appliances
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • 1000+ recipes
  • One-touch operation
  • Adjusts to your cooking style
  • More than ten measures to maintain taste, health values, and fast cooking
  • Lid with safety seal
  • Maintains all kind of safety measures
  • This multi-cooker can cost a bit more than traditional cookers.

It is another of the most basic and simple rice cookers. This cooker is easy to operate. You can easily use it for your regular works.  You can make varieties of rice such as white rice, brown rice, porridge, oatmeal, etc. all with this cooker’s help.

So, we can assume your breakfasts would not bore you anymore when you have this amazing cooker. You can prepare a full meal with the least effort possible. This process does not even take time.

And the ‘tacook’ synchro-cooking function has brought another level to this. ‘Tacook’ is basically a cooking process where some other food besides the rice gets cooked simultaneously. In this process, the steam is produced while the rice is cooked, steam the other item. Which means you can prepare more than one dish at a time.

By this process, you can cook rice and boil your meat, fishes, or vegetables simultaneously. It saves your time and energy and brings variety to your meals. The cooker has a capacity of 10 cups. Microcomputers operate the cooker, and it is super easy to use.

The 4-in-1 cooking system with the computerized menu settings makes cooking a pleasurable experience. You can easily remove the inner lid and steam cap, so it is easy to clean. To make you used to their ‘tacook’ function, they come with a cookbook with excellent recipes you will be able to make using this cooker.

  • Tacook synchro cooking function
  • Microcomputers operated
  • Simple and easy to use
  • 4-in-1 cooking system
  • Removable steam plate and inner lid
  • Easy to clean
  • Can serve a large family or group gathering
  • Might be a bit too expensive

BLACK+DECKER RC506 6-Cup Cooked/3-Cup Uncooked Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

This rice cooker is one of the most basic cookers out there. It is straightforward to use and operate. This kind of rice cooker can be your true friend if you live in a dorm room or small apartment. They do not have that much complex structure; they do not take much place, so you can easily use them if you like to keep your kitchen hassle-free.

It can prepare 3 cups of rice. If you want to reheat your already cooked rice, you can heat nearly 6 cups of rice at once. This cooker is great for reheating leftovers. After the rice gets cooked, the mode is automatically set to keep warm. This helps to keep your rice long after cooking.

The stainless steel bowl inside the cooker has a robust structure. This is why this bowl is easy to keep clean. You can also clean this bowl in the dishwasher. Because of being made of stainless steel, the bowl is durable and perfect for your daily use.

Thai rice cooker from Black+ Decker comes with a measuring cup and measuring spoon. A food steaming basket comes with the pack too. You can quickly steam your fish and veggies in that basket to add a different taste to your regular meals.

  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Best for reheating and leftovers
  • Keeps rice warm after cooking
  • Durable and robust stainless steel bowl
  • Steamer basket
  • Comparatively low at price
  • The quality may fall in times.

Things to keep in mind before you buy a Japanese rice cooker

Japanese rice cookers are the best for their sturdy structure and durability. They are also famous for using advanced technologies in their 444rice cookers, making these rice cookers a lot better than any regular cooker.

They are strong and durable. They are mostly easy to use. Knowing all these and about the beautiful cookers I talked about, you must want one for yourself too. But there are a few things you need to focus on before you go and buy a rice cooker.

If you know this, you will understand what makes your cooker better. And what kind of facilities you will need personally. So, let us have a look at the things we need to keep in mind to buy out Japanese Rice Cooker –

  • Non-stick body:

    Rice cookers with an inner compartment made of stainless steel are the best kind to use. They do not let rice or any type of food stick to them. So, taking out the rice is easy. These bowls stay vital for a more extended period and are perfect for daily use. They get more comfortable to clean too.

  • Round in shape:

    Most of the Japanese rice cookers are round or almost round in form. As this kind of utensils does not have a corner, food does not get stuck there. This is why they stay fresh and are easy to clean.

  • Keep warm function:

    As Japanese appliances are technologically advanced, most of them come with this option. In this way, food stays warm for long after you cook them. Some of them keep your food warm for 12-24 hours. Need the one you will need, and you will get that warm and fluffy rice again, even a long after cooking.

  • Versatile menu:

    Japanese rice cookers can prepare different kinds of rice such as brown rice, white rice, long-grained, sticky rice, etc. If you like varieties in your meals every once in a while, you can buy a cooker with different options to prepare food.

  • Detachable inner lid:

    It is not a must to buy a Japanese rice cooker with a detachable inner lid. But, if it has one, it will be a lot easier for you to clean it. And when you tend, the inner cover Will, it will stay fresh, and your food would not stink.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are Japanese rice cookers worth it?

Answer: If we talk about Japanese rice cookers being the best, there are many perspectives, depending on so many things. But they are definitely worth it. The Japanese are always known for their advancement in technology.

This also goes for cooking appliances.

A Japanese rice cooker will come in so many works; they will half your results, save your time and energy. You will never regret buying these super convenient rice cookers.

  • Are Japanese rice cookers better?

Answer: As we said earlier, comparing too rice cookers are not that easy, and they depend on things like your comfort, cooking habit, lifestyle, etc. Japanese rice cookers make your work so easy. It is the best option for beginners. Also, if you stay too busy, these rice cookers will be your lifesaver. Most of them have a one-touch operation. With only a finger’s touch, you will get warm rice whenever you want.

  • How to clean Japanese rice cookers?

Answer: There is no specific way to clean a rice cooker. Only the inner lid can be washed. Most of these inner lids are disposable, which makes them easier to clean. As most of them are made of stainless steel, they do not need any specific cleaning technique.

You need to make sure there is no food residue and dry them well, and you will be good to go. You can put some of these rice cookers in the dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe.

  • Why are Japanese rice cookers expensive?

Answer: Japanese rice cookers use the latest technologies to make their cooking experience more comfortable and hassle-free. Microcomputers operate most of the Japanese rice cookers. They are updated with the latest technologies, which are expensive. So, it costs more than regular cookers too.

  • Are Japanese rice cookers with stainless steel bowls good?

Answer: All kinds of rice cookers have a bowl inside to put rice and water. If this bowl is made of stainless steel, it gets easier to clean and use it. Stainless steel does not get scratch or rust. They are more robust and durable than regular steel. So, it is always good to choose rice cookers with stainless steel bowls.

  • Are Japanese rice cookers with steamers good?

Answer: It is not a must to have a steamer plate in your rice cooker. But most Japanese rice cookers come with one. If you love to experiment with your foods, recipes, and taste, going for a rice cooker with a steamer plate would not hurt anyone.

It will allow you to steam your meat, veggies, and fishes. You can also use it to steam your dumplings. It changes the taste of your meal and, at the same time, increases its health values.

  • Are Japanese rice cookers with timers good?

Answer: All Japanese rice cookers come with a timer. You can set it up if you want instantly cooked rice. All you need to do is put rice and water and set up the timer. Your rice will be cooked within the estimated time.

  • How is the keep warm function important in a Japanese rice cooker?

Answer: The keep warm section was made to keep the rice fluffy and fresh, long after cooking. In most Japanese rice cookers, the keep friendly section automatically gets switched on after the cooking is done.

If you are a person who stays busy a lot, this can be helpful for you. You will be able to get the perfect rice whenever you want.


Today we talked about the Japanese rice cookers and how they work. The Japanese have always been one step ahead when it comes to technology. And today, we can see that in every single thing they make, even their kitchen appliances. Their specialized features like the custom timer, delay timer, keep warm function, versatile menu options make them better than most other rice cookers.

But there are still some variations. And you have to choose the best Japanese rice cooker, which will be perfect for you according to your needs, comfort, and cooling habit.

If you keep the essential things in mind about your rice cooker and are familiar with your comfort and cooking style, finding the right cooker would get you comfortable. So, there is no need of thinking too much. Go and grab the perfect Japanese rice cooker before they go out of stock.

Mark is an aspiring chef, and father of two. He is always on the lookout to try new healthy recipes and kitchen gadgets. Now he hung up his chef coat to become a stay at home father and writer.

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