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6 Best Pasta Pot for Making Pasta in 2021 | Expert’s Review


Finding the best pasta pot may not take too much of your time if you only knew what to look for. What features would you like your pasta pot to have? Do you want the largest available pasta pot where you can whip up a delicious mac and cheese or you want the best pot for your pasta sauce? Perhaps you would like it to have a non-stick feature so you wouldn’t have problems with any food ingredient sticking to it. Or you may like the contemporary style of pans that you can beautifully hang in your kitchen after you cook up a pasta dish.

There are countless recipes you can whip up with the use of a pasta pot although it is called a pasta pot, it is not only used to make pasta but many varieties of dishes. Since we are after the best pot, there are things we should know like what are the pasta pots available and what makes these pasta pots differ.

Before making any investment when you buy a pasta pot you should read our review below and the hopes that it will somehow acquaint you in your search for the best pot.

7 Quart, Copper Core Bonded Dishwasher Safe Pasta Pentola Cookware by All-Clad (6807 SS)Aluminum10.25 x 10.25 x 11.00 inchesCheck Price
6-Quart, Stainless Steel Pasta Pot and Insert Cookware by All-Clad (E414S6 Silver 2100078499)Stainless Steel12.60 x 9.60 x 11.40 inchesCheck Price
8-Quart, Contemporary Pasta Pot with Steamer Insert by Calphalon (Black 1876992)Aluminum13.50 x 10.25 x 8.25 inchesCheck Price
4-Piece, 12-Quart, Stainless Pasta and Steamer Set by Cuisinart (77-412)Stainless Steel11.00 x 14.50 x 9.00 inchesCheck Price
12-Quart, Stainless Multi-Cookware Set with Encapsulated Base by ExcelSteelStainless Steel13.00 x 10.13 x 9.25 inchesCheck Price
8- Quart, Silver Classic Stainless Steel Stockpot with Lid by Farberware (50006)Steel12.20 x 9.75 x 10.00 inchesCheck Price

6 Best Pasta Pot:

Best Pasta Pot

Whether you are cooking pasta or steaming food, this cookware is for you. It is lined with a perforated insert that makes it easy to lift and drain the cooked pasta. Besides pasta, you can also cook vegetables, shellfish, and other ingredients you prefer. It is also easier to make soup stocks by adding meat, herbs, and seasoning without the need to strain after, and it leaves all the flavors in the pot.

This pot has a 5- ply construction with a copper center which helps transfer heat quickly and evenly, the precise heating ensures well-cooked food every time. The handle is safe from the heat each time you cook even for a long period there is no worry about the handle heating up. It is well attached to the pot with rivets to make sure of its durability. Considered one of the best pasta pot with strainer lid available in the market.

  • High-quality non-stick pan.
    Made of stainless steel with a copper core. Built to last because of the 5 bonded- layers of stainless steel together with aluminum and copper construction to ensure you will enjoy this pot for many years.
  • Ideal pot for pasta.
    With its size and versatility where you can cook pasta, pasta sauce, soup, stew, or even boil potatoes, there is a lot this pot can do for you.
  • Riveted stainless steel handle.
    The stainless steel handle that is fixed in place with rivets assures you of worry-free use, no incident of getting burned from the panhandle, and no problem about the handle getting detached while you are cooking.
  • Dishwasher safe.
    This pot is also dishwasher safe and will not cause the removal of its coating.
  • Oven Safe.
    It is safe for oven use and induction cooktop friendly.
  • Expensive.
    May surprise others with its price. This All-Clad pot is durable and you are assured of its longevity, hence, you get what you pay for.
  • It May is not perfect for others looking for a bigger pot.
    It may not be the pot for you if you want a pot for a big get together and you have to cook for many people. But for medium-sized families and whipping up pasta for a few people, this is the right one to purchase.

This pasta pot is just a bit on the smaller side compared to the 7-Quart sized pasta pot but can still do its job. This pot comes with a perforated insert to easily drain pasta or whatever you are steaming in the pot. A pot for pasta that is constructed with single-ply stainless steel and thick aluminum making food being cooked in this pot resists sticking at the bottom. There is also no worry about the pot elements getting mixed with your food. As with other All-Clad crafts, they also made the handle from stainless steel that is riveted in place to secure it with every use. Warp resistant, high-quality nonstick capability, and stainless steel structure that is durable.

  • Versatile:
    This pasta pot is not your usual pot for preparing a single dish but a variety of dishes such as steamed chicken and veggies, steamed fish, pasta, pasta sauce, boiled egg, cook beans, and lentils.
  • Safe handle:
    The handle has rivets to keep it in place, making your cooking worry-free every time.
  • With a perforated steel insert:
    The steel insert is also of top quality that will make every straining pasta easy. It is rustproof and warp-resistant and has the same durability.
  • Sleek Design:
    You can use the pot in a professional setting or your home because of its shiny interior and exterior boasting of its classic design that will surely impress many.
  • Warp resistant:
    This pot assures you of warp-resistant finish, where other pots made can easily deform when frequently placed in high heat, this pot will not.
  • Compatible with all stovetops:
    There is no issue with induction cooking because this pot is compatible, even in electricity and gas among others.
  • Dishwasher safe:
    Cleaning is easy for this pot since the food doesn’t stick at the base of the pan as they make it to be stick-resistant and washing it is easy.
  • Stainless steel may be thinner compared to other All-Clad made pots:
    They may have constructed this pot with single-ply steel, but it still works great.

Viewed as one of the best pots for pasta made from Calphalon. We deem this pot versatile in the kitchen because of the many dishes you can prepare just by using one pot. You can easily cook pasta with sauce, steam potatoes, corn, and other vegetables, and steaming seafood using this pot is no biggie. Monitoring what you cook is also easy with its tempered glass lid. It also has a big cooking capacity with its 8-Quart size that has a beautiful exterior and interior finish. The design is stylish, modern, and at the same time functional. Hard anodized aluminum construction with a multiple layer non-stick interior. Calphalon makes pots and pans always thinking of their customer with their every design.

  • Stainless steel pasta insert plus steamer: 
    Incorporating pasta insert with steamer makes your cooking easy and fast. No need to have different utensils for steaming and straining pasta and other food.
  • Impressive design: 
    The contemporary and sleek design will surely give each user a reason to cook all the time.
  • Heavy-gauge, hard-anodized aluminum construction:
    Calphalon manufactures this pasta pot with durability in mind with its stainless steel and hard-anodized aluminum construction. You get your money’s worth.
  • Multi-layer non-stick capability: 
    Cleaning is also no issue because there is no need to scrape leftover food at the bottom of the pan. That is the beauty of non-stick pans and with this pot, that edge is double with its multi-layer non-stick capabilities.
  • PFOA free:
    For the health-conscious user, this is the best way to cook without worrying about any chemicals mixing with your food.
  • Dishwasher safe: 
    No need to worry about cleaning, leave it in the dishwasher and let it handle the cleaning for you.
  • We can use it on any stovetop: 
    We can use it in an electric stove, gas, and even induction stove.
  • Lifetime warranty:
    You have no worries about this product as they back it with a lifetime warranty, another assurance that you are getting the best pot there is.
  • Handle heats: 
    With its short handle, the probability of its heating is high. You will need a potholder or mittens whenever you are carrying the pan or moving it to another place. Although the handle is durable, it is not heatproof.

A family-sized pasta pot and steamer set that can make cooking fast with its 12-Quart capacity. Prepare your favorite spaghetti with meatballs or whip up steamed fish and veggies. Steaming is also made better because of the lid that locks in place every time you cook, thus, the flavor is locked inside.

The pot also features a stainless steel finish with an aluminum encased base that heats the pot quickly and evenly, eliminating hot spots that cause uneven cooking results.

The handle is also something to be in awe of because of the cool grip handle feature of this pot there is no need for a potholder or mittens when lifting the pot. Washing is easy because it is dishwasher friendly.

  • With measurement markings:
    Makes cooking pasta easier or any other dishes. You can pour in liquid correctly by checking the markings. Measurement is always done correctly.
  • Durable:
    Follows a lofty standard of quality and durability with the use of stainless steel and aluminum in its manufacture.
  • Oven safe: 
    Safe to use in the oven up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Safe for any stovetop:
    You can use it in an electric stove, gas, or induction cooktop.
  • Easy cleaning: 
    Since this pot is dishwasher safe, cleaning it after use is easy.
  • Big cooking capacity: 
    The 12-Quart capacity of this cookware set makes it ideal for a big family, best used when cooking for a sizeable group of people.
  • Four-piece set: 
    You no longer have to buy a separate strainer, steamer basket, and a pot with a lid that locks in place with every cooking.
  • Expensive: 
    Some buyers may get turned off by the price but with it being a four-piece set it is appropriate for the money you will spend.

Another versatile cookware that you can invest in. This multi-cooker stockpot can do many wonders in your kitchen and your cooking. Prepare your favorite pasta, create your delicious homemade soup, steam your favorite fish, crab, shrimp, or vegetables. The possibility is endless. The design of this pot is elegant and stylish and can be a wonderful addition in any kitchen design.

Not just that this pot is constructed with high-quality stainless steel, but they rivet its handle in place to ensure that you will have a sturdy and well-constructed cook pot. The tempered glass lid is also not something to scoff at because it will make monitoring easy every time you cook.

  • Affordable:
    With its versatility in the kitchen, it is worth the money.
  • Four-piece set: 
    Comes with a 12-Quart cooker pot, a pasta basket, a vented tempered glass lid, and a steamer basket.
  • Sturdy handle: 
    This pot’s handle will not have you fearing it will snap or detach anytime. Since they rivet it in place, it will not easily get loose as with other pans fixed with screws or bolts. Such pans usually cause an accident in the kitchen, especially when you lift the pot and handle suddenly detaches.
  • Durable: 
    They make the pot durable and long-lasting, it will be a good investment for anyone who loves preparing different dishes for many people.
  • Big cooking capacity: 
    Its 12-quart pot size makes it possible to prepare an enormous meal all at once. It can even be convenient every time you have a get-together or just to prepare something up for friends coming over.
  • Disperses heat: 
    They encapsulate the base that makes the heat evenly distributed. Its thick bottom is also another excellent feature of this pot.
  • Induction ready: 
    You can use it in different stoves even on an induction cooktop.
  • Tempered glass lid:
    With the see-through glass lid, checking whatever you are cooking is easier, there is no need to lift the lid just to see if food is cooking well.
  • Pan may be too tall for other users: 
    Because of the pot size, other users may have issues with lifting the pot.

Classic, top quality, mirror finish stockpot. This pot has a stainless steel fabrication that makes it an excellent conductor of heat. Even heating is another positive result of the stainless steel material plus aluminum core, hence, the high-quality tag actualizes for this stockpot.

This stockpot is induction compatible and electric or gas stove friendly. The large cooking capacity of this stockpot makes it ideal to prepare large-sized meals for the entire family plus extra helpings for visitors, hence, there is no need for you to use other cookware to complete the meal for the entire group.

The classic style of this stockpot can also be seen in its comfortable handle that is not only sturdy but heat resistant. They fix the handle in place to make sure that you can easily lift and move this pot with ease.

  • Ease of cleaning: 
    With its mirror finish, cleaning spills and fluid is a breeze. Get some soap solution, warm water after use and you will get the same beautiful mirror finish.
  • Compatible with an induction stove: 
    No need to buy another stovetop so you can use this stockpot because it is induction compatible.
  • The best pan for pasta sauce: 
    This pan is an ideal pan for pasta sauce because of its big capacity, the simmering sauce here is also not an issue because the heat is evenly distributed and the sauce will not stick at the bottom. Not just pasta sauce but also soup, stews, chili, or any other pasta favorites.
  • No altered food taste: 
    This pan will also assure you of better food flavor every time, unlike other low-standard pots and pans where a metallic taste is left in the food.
  • Oven safe: 
    You can also use this stockpot in the oven with no issue as long as it is in the 350 degrees Fahrenheit range.
  • Easy to clean and corrosion-resistant: 
    Some pans when always cleaned and soaked in water rusts, because some manufacturers constructed such pans with low-quality materials. With the Faberwear Classic stockpot, that is not the standard because they set a high criterion on every pot they manufacture where ease of cleaning is essential and durability, as well as longevity of the product, is given a top priority.
  • Expensive: 
    Some find this product expensive but as always paying for high quality will always pay off, eventually.

Buying guide

Since pasta pot is not only made to be used for making pasta but they can also use it for other types of cooking, there are factors we have to consider when purchasing our best pot. We can always ask ourselves some questions first, like what size pot for pasta do we need? How often are we going to use it? What quality can we afford to buy? Below are additional significant points that we have to consider when buying one.


Stainless steel is always the way to go, plus pair that with a multi-layer aluminum base for even heat distribution. If there is an aluminum material used, it is better if it is the steel-encased type to make sure that it will also not react with the food you cook thus, it will not give you an altered food taste

Check the quality

Some manufacturers are reputable and you will not be wary of buying their products. Even if you shell out more than usual, it is an excellent investment in the long run.


What size do you need and for what purpose is the pasta pot you are buying? Size should matter if you are cooking for ten people but if you are just cooking for yourself, a smaller size pot should do because the bigger the pot the more expensive it is.


As with choosing the best quality, the design is another matter. If you are looking for the ideal pots, it should include features such as a pasta pot with built-in strainers, pasta pots with a non-stick surface, pots with lids, pasta pots that are dishwasher safe so forth, and so on.


What can you get for the price you will pay? You need to compare prices and specifications before you can decide what to purchase. Sometimes by doing so makes everything easier, like finding out that they also include a certain feature in another pasta pot but with a lower price. But of course, if you are someone who would sleep well at night knowing you got the most coveted type of pasta pot, that is also your preference.


Is a pasta pot only made for pasta?

There are other dishes you can prepare using the pasta pot such as frying, steaming, sauteing vegetables, and making soup stock. Pots for pasta are also ideal because you get to save cost when buying sets of pasta pot instead of purchasing separate cookware or cooking tools to help you in the kitchen e.g. steamer, colander among others.


What is the more affordable option in choosing pasta pans and what material is safer?

There is truly no cookware that is 100% safe, but the best option that we have so far is stainless steel and cast iron cookware. It is also a more affordable option.


How to Clean Stainless Steel pasta pots?

It is always advised to clean up after each use so that food sticking in the pan will not remain there for long and the more you leave it hanging there the harder it is to clean. Next is cleaning it with just dish soap plus water or baking soda plus vinegar to rinse with water after, this can also do wonders with your pasta pots.


What are other recipes that can be made in a pasta pot besides pasta?

You can cook stews, steam shellfish, boil a lobster, etc.


Buying the best pasta pot can be the greatest idea you may have come up with. You can make a variety of meals with such cookware. But love for pasta is enough reason to buy one. Pasta is so easy to make since the hardest to prepare is boiling the noodles and now it became easier with the inclusion of inserts to most pasta pots available in the market.

If the price is the reason that is stopping you from buying your pasta pots, think homemade pasta with simmering sauce that you can enjoy any time, a meal that will satisfy you. You can also think of the homemade seafood soup you can whip up with the help of your pasta pot, which your entire family can savor together.

It is an insignificant price to pay for such an excellent return on investment.

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