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I always use a non-stick folding omlette pan and have had many years of success in making omelets, and presenting them looking and tasting perfect. The contents vary every time, but some old favorites are usually requested by family and friends. Some cooks use a regular omelet pan and fold omelet over with a spatula, but I have always used a folding pan, to enhance flavor.

Origin of the Omelet

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The French omelet is traditionally not browned, but pale. The French always use a folding omlette pan as they understand flavor and the importance of getting it right.

The invention of the folding omlette pan

folding omelet pan

In early 1938 DuPont cookware invented PTFE, (non-stick cookware). They soon followed with a folding omlette pan which made a huge difference to cooks. Other companies followed and experimented with different designs. The Japanese have a range of excellent folding omlette pans, these are non-stick and quite heavy. If you look on Amazon you will see many different folding omlette pans.

Types of folding omlette pan

Types of Folding Omelet Pan

Heavy steel, lighter steel, and many different shapes are available. There are so many different ones that it comes down to personal choice, but they do need to be heavy to hold heat and easy to clean. Granite stone and granite diamond pans do not stick and appear to be excellent value for money. I like the carbon-steel with a non-stick surface, which allows easy release and cleans up, and is under 40 USD.

Ham and Cheese Omelet

Ham and Cheese Omelet

An omelet for one person can be quite simple:

  • Allow pan to heat through
  • whisk 2 eggs with a tablespoon of cold water
  • heat 10 g of unsalted butter in the non-stick omelet pan and tilt to get even coverage
  • pour in the beaten egg mixture into both sides of the pan, cook for about 1 minute.
  • add thinly sliced ham and 1 to 2 oz of cheddar cheese to both sides use low heat
  • cook for another two minutes do not overcook fold pan together
  • Use a spatula to release the finished product which should be gently browned on both sides.

The folding omlette pan/Function

This is where the folding omlette pan performs an excellent function in making the perfect omelet. Towards the end of cooking turn off the stovetop and let it sit for another 2 minutes and everything, ham, cheese, and other ingredients melt in together to give a flavor not found in normal cooking. This is a bit like slow cooking and helps to release greater flavors. If you use an ordinary pan you will not get this result.

Other uses for the folding omlette pan

When I went to Cooking School, they taught us some other uses for the folding omlette pan. This was very evident in breakfast dishes, which are hard to do quickly. They did the omelet on one side and the hash browns and breakfast sausages on the other side, and we managed to get everything served up at once. I have found this was a useful strategy at home when everyone is in a hurry.

Vietnamese Omelet has to be made in folding omlette pan

Vietnamese Omelet

Vietnamese make a great dish influenced by the French, and the French fusion food served in Vietnam is amazing. The dish is often served for breakfast. It serves many people: Use a really large omelet folding pan, and you can stretch the ingredients to feed many people use about 8 eggs and throw all your leftover vegetables into the folding omlette pan Use spring onions and peanut oil and some light soy sauce which will give your dish a different flavor. But it is the folding omlette pan that is the real star of this breakfast, as it manages to fuse all the flavors so beautifully without much effort on behalf of the cook.

Japan Sweet Omelet made in folding omlette pan

Japan Sweet Omelet

The Japanese make a sweet omelet with a custard filling. This is folded over in the folding omlette pan and when served is cut into strips and served as a dessert which is called Tamagoyaki ( Japanese Rolled Omelet). Japanese have a great range of folding omlette pans.

USA Omelet

USA Omelet

This features a golden crust and can contain almost any filling you want, however, ham and meats and cheese remain popular. When it is on the plate the golden exterior is not even and presents with a few craters. Universally cooks see the advantage of using a folding omlette pan.

Omelets are very versatile and can be made for any meal. They are a great way to get good food into fussy children and also into older people who have lost their appetites as everyone likes an omelet and they are easy to eat and can be quite light if made in a folding omlette pan.


Which size folding omlette pan should I buy?

It depends on the needs of your family 7″ is big enough for two people.

 What is the size folding omlette pan for a family of 5?

Probably 10 “, but it is better to have several different sizes, and then your family is fully covered.

 Does the pan need to be non-stick?

Yes, it does make it easier to clean.

 Should it have a detachable handle?

Yes, it makes it more dishwasher-friendly to detach the handle.

Do your research on folding omlette pan

There is now such a wide range of folding omlette pans available. If you live alone you do not require a large one, just make sure it is non-stick, and a hinged handle is good. If you have a larger family you will require at least three different folding omlette pans, they are so useful. I will never be without at least three folding omlette pans, as I find that I cook with one of them most days, especially now that we are at home more they are in great demand.


If your folding omlette pan has a heavy base it retains the heat and ultimately produces a nicer omelet. Always preheat by adding a little knob of butter or vegetable oil spray. It is great having the two halves to cook in and the finished product is always good.

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